How to apply

What should I do if I want to purchase a home?

The first step in purchasing a home is to see how much you qualify for.  In order to do that, submit an application by clicking on this link.

I will receive the application and check your credit report.  I will then contact you, go over the items on your credit report to make sure there are no errors or corrections needed.  Then, I will ask you for some supporting documents.  This list will vary based on your individual situation, but will most likely include the following:

  • Paystubs: most recent 30 days
  • W-2’s: most recent 2 years
  • Tax returns: most recent 2 years
  • Bank statements: most recent 2 months (all pages)
  • Copy of driver’s license

Once we have reviewed your documentation, we will determine the amount that you qualify for, and go over the different types of loans that are available.

It is good for the two of us to discuss how much money you have available for a down payment (it is okay if you don’t already have money saved, there are programs available to help with that), whether you have ever purchased a home before, and what area you are looking at.  This will help me to determine the best types of loans to fit your individual situation.

I make it my goal to make this process easy to understand, and will coach you every step of the way to make sure everything goes smoothly for you.

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